Bucket List : Moai in Easter Islands

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I am fascinated by the story of the Moai at Easter Island and this is an item pretty high up on the bucket list. Why are they there? Who put them there? And How did they do it? There are stories and tales… but we will probably never know the truth… and that is why this place is sought after..

But on to the practical things..

How to get there from Singapore? 

Easter Islands is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean , and officially a part of Chile. The easiest way is to take a flight from Santiago. There are daily. But from Singapore , getting to Santiago can be really too much. So I explore if there another way.

This looks like the way …Singapore (A)  to Auckland (B) to Tahiti (C) to Easter Islands (D).

Time to get there, and this is just flying time, via direct flights


Singapore to Auckland : 9 Hours 40 mins

Auckland to Tahiti : 5 hours

Tahiti to Easter Island : 6 Hours



Still a savings of 10 hours of flight time , than going the via Chile route. Not too shabby, I think.

What to do there?

(To be continued….)


Author: Azure Maya

I wonder , and I wander, and then I write about both! When I am not playing on my PS4, my phone, my ipad, my PC or just in my head , that is!

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